Cubist Reggae

Venetian Snares is one of those artists where I personally am scared to go deep into his whole discography because I could probably spend a lllooottt of time happily lost with no idea where i left the downbeat, counting in 7’s and 9’s, grinning like a fool, intimdated to make my own music. But every time i come back to him it’s like FUCK this is some next level shit here, i have to buy all of it.

There is basically no one else making psycho intricate breakcore in 7/8. It’s encouraging to hear  something so brilliantly insane. He’s been in my periphs for a while now but it was my friend giving me this album ( a few years back that convinced me. This tune in particular –

So yeah fast forward a few years and I still haven’t given his older stuff a proper listen but there’s just so much to digest. His brand new EP is brilliant as well and is the inspiration for this post. I’ve been listening to ragga-jungle and glitchy sample based music for years, and admittedly he is doing stuff here that i have never heard before.

Venetian Znarez

Click dis

There’s previews on Planet Mu’s website, the EP is like 5 bucks. Not a bad price/brilliance ratio if you ask me .   << feel free to get lost here << this is my friend who first played me Rossz Csillag Alatt Született , which is almost entirely in 7/8 time signature, which is absurd.

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Bazz Mutationz – Dorian Concept, Lone, Eleven Tigers, Kode9…….

Bass Mutations was easily one of the events of the year in 2010. TRG, Untold, and 2562 all put down some crazy forward thinking sets, and it easily went past 6am with a packed dancefloor. Once again this Friday they come through with a crazy epic lineup the likes of which we only see once a year, apparently, and I really appreciate opportunities like this. A lot of the music I like is not dancefloor-friendly and made by people from elsewhere, so these type of events are few and far between . This year i get to see Dorian Concept finally, one of my favorite musicians of the last couple years, as well as Lone , another new addition to my favorites list. Also Kode9, Appleblim, Eleven Tigers, the list goes on…

Dorian Concept is a young Austrian dude with mad scientist skills on the keys. He’s talking to aliens basically, and I’m glad i get to try to listen in. This is his first time in the US. Fuck yeeees. Here’s a bunch of his stuff to sink into yo skin BRAND NEW this shit is siiick

you can't pluralize LONE

Lone is someone I’m just getting into but i dig his stuff already. it’s hazy and weird and whatever i won’t try to rationalize it’s dopeness. Check it out yourself

I’d like to post a bunch more but i’ll leave off with Eleven Tigers just because i’m also just getting into him. Whole bunch of free downloads on his soundcloud. Thanks to some clever room jumping i should be able to catch all of the people i want on Friday. Ticket link and mo info linkx at the bottom of de post. Good journey .

oh and twitterz, because i actually stay quite well updated by following twitterz.!/dorianconcept!/_LONE_ <<<  This is the party on friday right here, son

Friday April 8
Unsound Festival New York at The Bunker: Bass Mutations

Public Assembly
70 North 6th Street
Williamsburg, Brooklyn (Map)
10pm to 6am
$25 advance, $30 at the door

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Everyone should listen to Source Direct

These tunes still sound like future music.




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There’s so much fucking beautfiul music it’s ridiculous

I can’t even keep up with this shit, clearly. I want to post stuff like everyday , but i always want to make the posts good or something, and i delay. Whatever, I’m gonna try to improve on that. There’s just so much awesome stuff that i should just get to it already.

First is a free EP from this dude Dimlite. I first heard him in Flying Lotus’z Essential Mix from couple years back. It features this vocalist with a really nice voice. The EP is free, hopefully, still on Bandcamp, which will be a focus for this post, mad cool shit on people’s bandcamps recently.

For Medals












Next is a free compilation from a crew called Renegades of Bump of beats who have “compiled 19 tracks from best Lithuanian beat makers.” It’s cool, they’ve kinda got their own sound, refreshingly wierd.

renegades of bump
Ritmo Kovis 2












Finally this dude Swarms. He had a really good tune a little while back, on a real smooth melancholy garage tip with an equally drearily beautiful video of a blue 5am drive from the drivers persepctive. Dank. He’s given away a free EP as well, some really potent tunes. Jungle creeping in there too! I seen em!


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so this mysterious transmission from Deep Medi…. Old Apparatus… I don’t know who it is or what the fuck. but there’s a mix, and it’s kinda fuckin super dank. by the time the 2nd track drops if you aren’t bobbing your head then we are no longer friends. delete my facebook and all that. but keep this blog. 😉  Really though this is 17 minutes of intriguing new music. shut the fuck up and listen

Umm and if you don’t know Deep Medi is like one of the best labels of all time. This page has clips of all the medi releases. (Check out fucking Heavy as Stone by Mark Pritchard…)  Educate thyself ..

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Squarepusher – Numbers Lucent EP (Warp)


mr jenks











WORD ?!  Mr Jenks has still got it. Everyone loves to hate on squarepusher, but i feel like most of the time it’s either people who never liked him, or it’s a case of it being near impossible for him to top his older stuff. People hold you to a different standard when you drop some brilliant shit on them. Which i can understand. I have subconsciously stopped following artists and bands before for fear of watching them jump the shark, and ruining my perceptions of them. It’s happened enough times for me to be wary. But I also love being pleasantly proved wrong. This is one of those times.

This EP (Warp Records 2009) is nasty. Psycho house chords, amens mashed as much or more than on Go Plastic. Enough glitches and fizzes and dank funk bass slaps to give your next of kin Tourette’s and a limp, bitch. And I just bought it for 5 and a half bucks. Which is like 2 euros or something. Or like 12 million yen. Whatever just buy it. The tunes are on youtube if you wanna listen too.

Go buy it ! You have 5 bucks, dont lie !

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New mix from Archangel aka the Thomas Jefferson of Booty House

Mixes from Archangel and a few others really solidified my lifelong fascination with jungle back in the early to mid-twothousand’z. Rudebwoydonkeypunch still gets regular play, along with Way of the Mystic and his Back2Basics appreciation mix. I’ll include links to all.  He just put up a new mix, which I’m currently bumping all day.

thomas jefferson of booty house

“We have the satisfaction to find, that in nature there is wisdom, system, and consistency. For having, in the natural history of this Earth, seen a succession of worlds, we may from this conclude that there is a system in nature […] by which they are intended to continue these revolutions. But if the succession of worlds is established in the system of nature, it is in vain to look for anything higher in the origin of the earth. The result, therefore, of our present enquiry is, that we find no vestige of a beginning, no prospect of an end.” -James Hutton

This mix was made using a combination of vinyl records mixed on Technic turntables, and digital splicing in Ableton live.    “”””

^^^ all his mixes right there. so convenient. Like i said, rudebwoydonkeypunch, Back2Basics, Way of the Mystic are among my favorites, but they’re all nice full mixes of old and new jungle. respect to the yoda of narj

“Well, you’ve come up a different mountain …

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