yo sup


hey there. so yeah here’s some shit i’ve found recently that is totally the tits and that you should probably cram into your face somehow thru one of the holes.

Chris Clark is a great artist on Warp Records, and I’ve been digging his stuff for several years now. he’s on Warp for a reason, and i rank some of his tunes up there with Aphex and Sqrpshr. he’s got a new album which came out on April 12th and which i am currently sleeping on cuz i’m broke. but one of the last cds i bought was his album Body Riddle, and it totally changed my life … (http://warp.net/records/releases/clark/body-riddle )

here’s a little taste of the new album

here’s video from his recent set in the BoilerRoom


here’s a link to a free download he’s given out as promo for the new album


here’s a mix he did for Maryann Hobbs’ XFM show


so yeah, Clark is the shit. this post was going to be about his show this past Sunday but i slept on it, and then like an asshole i missed the actual show due to some shit. i got to see him a few years ago at the World Financial center in NYC, but yeah, i suck for missing the show the other day. oh wells, gotta buy the new album i spose

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