I won’t go overboard on descriptive hyperbole, I just really like this dude Ital Tek’s tunes more than almost any others, and have for a couple years now. Ever since hearing his Mako EP, which was on constant rotation when i first got it, his tunes have gotten more play on my mp3 player than anyone else. He’s a great selector and his production is impeccable, and also shows a real depth of emotion that seems kind of lost nowadays, where most songs have really simple riffs that don’t show any knowledge of music theory. Not that I personally have any knowledge of musical theory myself, but I know a good chord progression when i hear it, and i  know that certain combinations are powerful, and this dude knows the mufuckin combos like Killer Instinct. Also he’s one of the few people who give away quality tunes from time to time, not disposable harddrive clutter like alot of free downloads. So here’s a bunch of links. There’s a few free mixes and tunes on his soundcloud page, and i’ll link as many of his EPs as i know of, also 2 full albums on Planet Mu (one of the best labels of all time,) the second of which was in my top3 of last year. Enjoy >

^^^2 free downloads – mixes, tunes, previews, etc – his label – all four EPs featured are sick – check his 2 albums and a few other EPs on here too, Moment In Blue EP is a personal favorite.   –  follow the man on twitter, he doesn’t post bullshit

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