Some inspirational shit on a beautiful day

Saw this posted to the Brainfeedersite recently.. great mix of old George Duke tunes. Really good inspiration for a young sampler like me, and its really good summer time music. Also I was lucky enough to catch Flying Lotus, Thundercat, Austin Peralta, and a few other cats perform For Love I Come when the Brainfeeder crew did a free show at Le Poisson Rouge last week. That was a welcome surprise, too, since the other shows they did in NYC that week were a little too expensive for my broke ass. Well, enjoy the mix! I got it on repeat all day…

“George Duke has been an inspiration to hiphop for many many years…… Back in 1991 an album came out called Low End Theory by A Tribe Called Quest. You may know the name for another reason but anyways on a song called The Infamous Date Rape Tribe sampled Steam Drill by Cannonball Adderley featuring George Duke and we were off to the races. Ice Cube sampled Duke for True to the Game from Death Certificate that same year. Since then many more beat heads have been attracted to Mr. Dukes amazing keyboard playing, sense of rhythm and unique lyrical stylings. Dilla has definitely listened as has Madlib, Pete Rock, Kanye, Karriem Riggins and now well ThunderCat.
ThunderCat for all his youth has actually played with George Duke.
Anyways this mix is in tribute to George Duke as it is in celebration of ThunderCat.
I think we are in a similarly creative moment now in LA as existed in the mid seventies and it seems fitting to make the link.
Good musicians will make you listen again and
ThunderCats For Love I Come surely made me do that.

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