Cubist Reggae

Venetian Snares is one of those artists where I personally am scared to go deep into his whole discography because I could probably spend a lllooottt of time happily lost with no idea where i left the downbeat, counting in 7’s and 9’s, grinning like a fool, intimdated to make my own music. But every time i come back to him it’s like FUCK this is some next level shit here, i have to buy all of it.

There is basically no one else making psycho intricate breakcore in 7/8. It’s encouraging to hear  something so brilliantly insane. He’s been in my periphs for a while now but it was my friend giving me this album ( a few years back that convinced me. This tune in particular –

So yeah fast forward a few years and I still haven’t given his older stuff a proper listen but there’s just so much to digest. His brand new EP is brilliant as well and is the inspiration for this post. I’ve been listening to ragga-jungle and glitchy sample based music for years, and admittedly he is doing stuff here that i have never heard before.

Venetian Znarez

Click dis

There’s previews on Planet Mu’s website, the EP is like 5 bucks. Not a bad price/brilliance ratio if you ask me .   << feel free to get lost here << this is my friend who first played me Rossz Csillag Alatt Született , which is almost entirely in 7/8 time signature, which is absurd.

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