Bazz Mutationz – Dorian Concept, Lone, Eleven Tigers, Kode9…….

Bass Mutations was easily one of the events of the year in 2010. TRG, Untold, and 2562 all put down some crazy forward thinking sets, and it easily went past 6am with a packed dancefloor. Once again this Friday they come through with a crazy epic lineup the likes of which we only see once a year, apparently, and I really appreciate opportunities like this. A lot of the music I like is not dancefloor-friendly and made by people from elsewhere, so these type of events are few and far between . This year i get to see Dorian Concept finally, one of my favorite musicians of the last couple years, as well as Lone , another new addition to my favorites list. Also Kode9, Appleblim, Eleven Tigers, the list goes on…

Dorian Concept is a young Austrian dude with mad scientist skills on the keys. He’s talking to aliens basically, and I’m glad i get to try to listen in. This is his first time in the US. Fuck yeeees. Here’s a bunch of his stuff to sink into yo skin BRAND NEW this shit is siiick

you can't pluralize LONE

Lone is someone I’m just getting into but i dig his stuff already. it’s hazy and weird and whatever i won’t try to rationalize it’s dopeness. Check it out yourself

I’d like to post a bunch more but i’ll leave off with Eleven Tigers just because i’m also just getting into him. Whole bunch of free downloads on his soundcloud. Thanks to some clever room jumping i should be able to catch all of the people i want on Friday. Ticket link and mo info linkx at the bottom of de post. Good journey .

oh and twitterz, because i actually stay quite well updated by following twitterz.!/dorianconcept!/_LONE_ <<<  This is the party on friday right here, son

Friday April 8
Unsound Festival New York at The Bunker: Bass Mutations

Public Assembly
70 North 6th Street
Williamsburg, Brooklyn (Map)
10pm to 6am
$25 advance, $30 at the door

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