Squarepusher – Numbers Lucent EP (Warp)


mr jenks











WORD ?!  Mr Jenks has still got it. Everyone loves to hate on squarepusher, but i feel like most of the time it’s either people who never liked him, or it’s a case of it being near impossible for him to top his older stuff. People hold you to a different standard when you drop some brilliant shit on them. Which i can understand. I have subconsciously stopped following artists and bands before for fear of watching them jump the shark, and ruining my perceptions of them. It’s happened enough times for me to be wary. But I also love being pleasantly proved wrong. This is one of those times.

This EP (Warp Records 2009) is nasty. Psycho house chords, amens mashed as much or more than on Go Plastic. Enough glitches and fizzes and dank funk bass slaps to give your next of kin Tourette’s and a limp, bitch. And I just bought it for 5 and a half bucks. Which is like 2 euros or something. Or like 12 million yen. Whatever just buy it. The tunes are on youtube if you wanna listen too.

Go buy it ! You have 5 bucks, dont lie !


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