Ninja Tune XX

The Ninja Tune XX (20 year) Anniversary has arrived, celebrating 20 years in the game with the release of the XX box set, which is just a whole fuckin treasure trove of neat stuff.  And there’s crazy parties on the west coast and europe and here in nyc at Santos on thursday with one of the most banana-sangwich-est lineups i’ve seen in a while.  It’s well worth the 20$ for all the music and visuals. They’e also been putting up free downloads , one each week, leading up to the events, which i realized were going on too late and only managed to snag a couple of. But there’s other mixes and clips of the tunes from the XX compilation that they have put together neatly on a soundcloud, which i figured out how to embed today as well. holler at yer boy.

here’s one of the mixes,  by dj food. it’s awesometacular and  downloadablistic..


this kentaro mix is fucking dope too


info for the party @ santos on thursday -VVV

more XX mixes and clips of tunes from the box set >

Ninja Tune XX box set info>

Lineup: Amon Tobin, Kid Koala, DJ Food & DK, Poirier, Toddla T & Serocee, DJ Kentaro, Eskmo, High Priest (of Anti-Pop Consortium), Small Change, & visuals by Strangeloop.!!!!!!!!!!!

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