Audio from Full Spectrum 10/15/10


This was just a straight up great party. Good responsive crowd, cheap draft beers, nice diverse selection of dj’s who were all on point, lots of crew and random people having fun, a late night jungle set to finish the night. And the best part, all the sets were recorded ! I love it when a good night gets recorded. Being able to listen back to a live set from something you were actually at, even like ten years later? That is awesome. i especially like it when i call for a rewind on a tune at a show and you can hear it in the recorded set. yeah shun

Part 1 ->

Mixed by Lifeline, Winter, Paul Zasky, Max Echo, Anthony Avatar, DJ mOma, Liondub
Human Beat Box By Elanef. MCs Trac and Posi D

Part 2 ->

Mixed by DJ King Solo, Human?, Lifeline & Praying Mantis

the next Full Spectrum is November 19th @the cove right over there on north 6th st bk

I’m still going to post the other stuff i was talking about, i just saw this posted today and i want to spread it

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