Free iTAL tEK tune(s)

Cybernetic Badboy

Midnight Colour











Sometimes following interesting people on twitter you’ll see them post some really interesting shit. I follow musicians that i like, some writers & comedians, and Levar Burton (jus cuz.) Anyways, the other day i see iTAL tEK giving away a free tune (1st link below). Boooyah.  Ital tek is a fuckin gangster, his new album is amazing. I’ve been seriously playing his tunes nonstop for the past year or so . He’s got a really unique sound, i don’t know the right adjectives for it. You can stream clips of his album and buy it from the Planet Mu website (3rd link). Shit might as well link to another free tune he gave away not long ago as well (2nd link). It’s another creeper. This man is slick i tell you. This tune has grown on me like moss. Fuzzy, fractally, 8-bit moss.


I’ve got way more to post but my internet is being fickle right now. More tomorrow, including a super dope podcast of funk and soul, and a Flying Lotus live jam featuring some really good live musicians.

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