FM4 Soundpark Studio2 Session mit Dorian Concept und Ginga

I feel like music doesn’t have to be new to be fresh. Nowadays, in the frenzy to find something new and groundbreaking that’s ______er than the rest, a lot of things just don’t catch on for whatever reason. I’m not trying to imply too much, just give reason for my posting not-new stuff that i still think is dope.

So with that in mind here’s a ridiculously hot set by Dorian Concept from a show in (I think) Germany in 2008. I found part of it during a random Youtube journey, one of my favorite pastimes, and after some simple google magic, found a site hosting a good chunk of his set. Unfortunately the site is in German, so I dont know many details, but as evident in the video, he’s performing with a live drummer (jealous).

Here’s the video from his set


Here’s links to download his parts..

01. Dorian Concept – ‘Past I’

02. Dorian Concept – ‘Past II’

03. Dorian Concept – ‘Two Hour Power And One For Oh Ate’

Here’s a link to the German site of which i can understand nothing except “download”


Also here’s a linkto his myspace, he’s got some siiick tunes on there, my favorite right now is Upside Downslide


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