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hey there. so yeah here’s some shit i’ve found recently that is totally the tits and that you should probably cram into your face somehow thru one of the holes.

Chris Clark is a great artist on Warp Records, and I’ve been digging his stuff for several years now. he’s on Warp for a reason, and i rank some of his tunes up there with Aphex and Sqrpshr. he’s got a new album which came out on April 12th and which i am currently sleeping on cuz i’m broke. but one of the last cds i bought was his album Body Riddle, and it totally changed my life … (http://warp.net/records/releases/clark/body-riddle )

here’s a little taste of the new album

here’s video from his recent set in the BoilerRoom


here’s a link to a free download he’s given out as promo for the new album


here’s a mix he did for Maryann Hobbs’ XFM show


so yeah, Clark is the shit. this post was going to be about his show this past Sunday but i slept on it, and then like an asshole i missed the actual show due to some shit. i got to see him a few years ago at the World Financial center in NYC, but yeah, i suck for missing the show the other day. oh wells, gotta buy the new album i spose

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Dank Teebs remix of a Shlohmo tune. Free download O_O

uuu wen

Smooth little remix of a Shlohmo tune by man like Teebs. Real nice floaty chords and fizzy steam trails and beads and seashells and mermaid chicks . i missed Shlohmo playing Brooklyn last week, alongside Groundislava, who are also fuckin dank. Don’t even get me started. But it’s ok. Cuz i get to see fuckin Com Truise on Saturday in Miami, bitch. New blog post on that in the next day or so. Go download dis choon for now ..



http://soundcloud.com/shlohmo  < check dat Burial remix. Fuckin hell ..

http://soundcloud.com/selftitledmag/sets/teebs-collections-01-sampler/   <some free Teebs ish


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New Plug album – Back On Time

Plug aka Luke Vibert. Just look him up if you don’t know already. Wagon Christ aka Amen Andrews. Every alias a gangster. Screwface give ya a thousand deaths worse than you. Me nuh know nuh SCrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwfffffffaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaccceeeeeeeee. He has a new album coming out on January 24th on NinjaTune that was apparently recovered from a recently unearthed DAT tape simply labeled “Plug” and dated 1995-1998. Quite a lovely vintage. So while i was getting BarMitzvah’d, this dude Luke Vibert was already oldskool like your daddy. Recogniiize the skills

Back On Time



They gave away the track “Feelin So Special” in the NinjaTune email newsletter. Sign up here and download the choon> http://www.ninjatune.net/plug/

And listen to some more tunes by the man in question…

what you doin? go cop dat album when it comes out.

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I won’t go overboard on descriptive hyperbole, I just really like this dude Ital Tek’s tunes more than almost any others, and have for a couple years now. Ever since hearing his Mako EP, which was on constant rotation when i first got it, his tunes have gotten more play on my mp3 player than anyone else. He’s a great selector and his production is impeccable, and also shows a real depth of emotion that seems kind of lost nowadays, where most songs have really simple riffs that don’t show any knowledge of music theory. Not that I personally have any knowledge of musical theory myself, but I know a good chord progression when i hear it, and i  know that certain combinations are powerful, and this dude knows the mufuckin combos like Killer Instinct. Also he’s one of the few people who give away quality tunes from time to time, not disposable harddrive clutter like alot of free downloads. So here’s a bunch of links. There’s a few free mixes and tunes on his soundcloud page, and i’ll link as many of his EPs as i know of, also 2 full albums on Planet Mu (one of the best labels of all time,) the second of which was in my top3 of last year. Enjoy >

^^^2 free downloads

http://soundcloud.com/ital-tek – mixes, tunes, previews, etc

http://atomriver.com/ – his label

http://italtek.bandcamp.com/ – all four EPs featured are sick

http://www.planet.mu/artists/italtek – check his 2 albums and a few other EPs on here too, Moment In Blue EP is a personal favorite.

http://www.twitter.com/italtek   –  follow the man on twitter, he doesn’t post bullshit

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Freeee Musicz

So I’m a lazy fucker, and I haven’t posted in months. My bad to all of my followers, all 5 or 6 of you. Anyway, there’s been a lot of great free music recently and I just gotta do my part and try to spread it around. First is a free album by Shlohmo i found posted on http://www.wediditcollective.com , who were also responsible for some other great free downloads from Groundislava and others. Real nice abstract vibes, clicks and clacks, found sounds, funky and experimental. Go to the wedidit site for the download.


Next is a free compilation put together by Adult Swim. Crazy looking tracklist, i mean you should download it for the free Burial track alone but there’s also SBTRKT, Ikonika, Zomby, Boxcutter, and Untold on there. So uhh yeah. Do i need to explain more? Go here and grab it – http://www.adultswim.com/promos/201109_unclassified/unclassified

There’s so much more i just gotta keep at it. Til next time, see you later space cowboy..



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Some inspirational shit on a beautiful day

Saw this posted to the Brainfeedersite recently.. great mix of old George Duke tunes. Really good inspiration for a young sampler like me, and its really good summer time music. Also I was lucky enough to catch Flying Lotus, Thundercat, Austin Peralta, and a few other cats perform For Love I Come when the Brainfeeder crew did a free show at Le Poisson Rouge last week. That was a welcome surprise, too, since the other shows they did in NYC that week were a little too expensive for my broke ass. Well, enjoy the mix! I got it on repeat all day…


“George Duke has been an inspiration to hiphop for many many years…… Back in 1991 an album came out called Low End Theory by A Tribe Called Quest. You may know the name for another reason but anyways on a song called The Infamous Date Rape Tribe sampled Steam Drill by Cannonball Adderley featuring George Duke and we were off to the races. Ice Cube sampled Duke for True to the Game from Death Certificate that same year. Since then many more beat heads have been attracted to Mr. Dukes amazing keyboard playing, sense of rhythm and unique lyrical stylings. Dilla has definitely listened as has Madlib, Pete Rock, Kanye, Karriem Riggins and now well ThunderCat.
ThunderCat for all his youth has actually played with George Duke.
Anyways this mix is in tribute to George Duke as it is in celebration of ThunderCat.
I think we are in a similarly creative moment now in LA as existed in the mid seventies and it seems fitting to make the link.
Good musicians will make you listen again and
ThunderCats For Love I Come surely made me do that.
(for Mochilla.com)”


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Deep Medi …. digi releases ….. finally


Yeah yeah yeah, I haven’t updated in a while. Oh well. So a while back i bought a tune off www.digital-tunes.net, and since then i’ve been getting regular emails recommending me new tracks. Usually i just ignore those emails cuz i have this elitist attitude like “I can find all the good music i want, i don’t need some robot to automatically recommend me new shit!” Well this time the robot done good. Deep Medi, usually a strictly vinyl label, released some of their older tunes on cd and digi. I had been complaining about a lack of digital releases from them for a long time, since i’m not a dj and don’t buy vinyl. Anyways, there’s some bangers on here for sure, including two of my favorites from Clouds. 12 tracks for 12 bucks. Holler





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